Clown 21cm 102g
Clown 21cm 102g

Clown 21cm 102g

9,95 €
Saatavuus Varastossa
Tuotenumero HB-FT-21-CL

Made of durable plastics, the Headbanger FireTail has a beefy profile and a large curly tail that adds a lot of length when it’s swimming. The highly engineered tail gives the bait an unmatched S-shaped waggling action with lots of belly flash. Rig it any way you prefer, or pair it with one of the RockerHead Stingers and take the action to an insane level. Either way, the Headbanger FireTail is a flaming hot weapon in the pursuit of trophy muskie and pike.

  • Model: Headbanger FireTail 21cm, 102g
  • Style: Softbait
  • Size: 21 cm
  • Weight: 102 g 
  • Accessories: RockerHead Stinger #2/0 (not included)