Shimano Vanquish FC
Shimano Vanquish FC

Shimano Vanquish FC

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Shimano Vanquish FC - Beyond lightness

Enhanced directness through low inertia performance - The MGL Series focuses on remarkable lightweight rotation. The Vanquish is equipped with the lightest Magnumlite Rotor.Perfect balance, lightness and low inertia rotation, produces exceptional performance and awareness.

Magnumlite Rotor - The asymmetrical design profile of Magnumlite Rotor improves balance and control, resulting in a new dimension of lightweight rotation. The increased sensitivity transmits every slight change in line tension, resulting in advanced and enhanced rotational precision.

A super-dense winding pattern and low inertia rotation for enhanced underwater control

Like Stella, Vanquish features INFINITYLOOP, which creates a super-dense winding pattern, Combined with the low inertia rotation of Magnumlite Rotor,  underwater sensitivity reaches new heights of excellence.

INFINITYLOOP - INFINITYLOOP produces a super-dense winding patterne. Advanced evolution of the internal gearing has generated an extremely slow spool oscillation when the reel is retrieving line. This precise winding pattern dramatically reduces line friction during the cast, delivering increased performance.

Reduced vibration caused by oscillation.

Comparison of spool movement for one handle rotation. Spool oscillates much more slowly on the new Vanquish when compared to the previous model. This reduces unnecessary vibration being transmitted to the hand and increases sensitivity and feedback from the lure.

Significantly reduces line friction during the cast

The precise manner of the 'super-dense winding patterne' line lay significantly reduces friction when the line leaves the spool during the cast. This increases the sensitivity felt upon casting and line falling, improves distance and accuracy, and enhances the casting experience.

The next generation

In addition to INFINITYLOOP, new Vanquish also features many of the new 'INFINITY' technologies from the Stella. It's not just about light weight. It's lightness combined with toughness and suppleness.

Increased gear durability through advanced design and manufacturing technolog

INFINITYXROSS is an advanced drive gear technology that distributes the load between the drive gear and pinion gear teeth over a wider area. The increased contact area across the full face of the teeth increases durability by approximately 2 times* compared to a conventional design.

Powerful winding that keeps you in control

INFINITYDRIVE is an evolution of the X-SHIP system delivering light and powerful winding. Sliding resistance has been greatly reduced by supporting the main shaft, which was previously supported by the pinion gear, with a special low-friction bush. The main shaft also has a special surface treatment which also reduces rotational torque. As a result, handle rotation resistance is reduced considerably, resulting in easier winding even under extreme pressure.

Enhabced line management for more effective fishing

An elastic fin is attached in the vicinity of the line roller. The pin prevents line on the spool from slacking and also prevents them from getting caught under the spool during retrives/cranks.

Impressively anti-friction performance results in a smooth yet reliable drag performance.

A newly designed drag washer with a completely new material. The new material is layered onto the existing one in an orthogonal shape to improve the overall strength. The smoothness is kept the same while the anti-friction performance has been increased by more than 10 times* its preceding renditions.

  • Spool Material: Aluminium cold forged 
  • Material Body: MG 
  • Oscillation Speed: Regular 
  • Bail Material: TI  
  • G FREE Body: Yes 
  • Micro Module: Yes  
  • HAGANE Body: Yes  
  • HAGANE Gear: Yes  
  • X Ship: Yes  
  • Silent Drive: Yes  


  • Rotor size(Material): #C2500 (CI4+) 
  • Body size(Material): #1000 (Mg) 
  • Gear Ratio: 5.1 
  • Practical Drag Force: 2kg 
  • Maximum Drag Force(KG): 3kg 
  • Weight: 145g 
  • Line capacity / PE(NO.-M): 0.6-150,0.8-110,1-80


  • Rotor size(Material): #C2500 (CI4+) 
  • Body size(Material): #1000 (Mg) 
  • Gear Ratio: 5.1 
  • Practical Drag Force: 2,5kg 
  • Maximum Drag Force(KG): 4kg 
  • Weight: 165g 
  • Line capacity / PE(NO.-M): 0.6-200,0.8-150,1-120