Z-MAN Ned Rig Kit (Hot Colors)
Z-MAN Ned Rig Kit (Hot Colors)

Z-MAN Ned Rig Kit (Hot Colors)

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The Z-MAN Ned Rig Kit (Hot Colors) is ideal for getting started with Ned Rig fishing. It contains a selection of the catchiest Ned Rig lures in eye-catching colors (The Deal, Green Pumpkin Orange, Coppertreuse) with matching Ned Jigs. Each kit contains 8 Finesse TRD, 8 TRD TicklerZ and 6 TRD CrawZ softbaits along with 5 each Finesse ShroomZ jigs in 2.8g and 4.6g weights. Ideal for bass fishing and a variety of other types of fresh and saltwater fish. Just grab a set and start fishing!

  • Super-strong ElaZtech baits are 10x more durable than ordinary soft plastics.
  • ElaZtech baits are naturally buoyant and will float when rigged unweighted. 
  • The flexibility of ElaZtech assures life-like action that mimics natural bait.
  • ElaZtech is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phtalates.
  • CAUTION: ElaZtech cannot be stored with any other kind of plastic baits. Please store them in the original bag or in a separate tackle box.