Hot Olive 21cm 70g 1kpl
Hot Olive 21cm 70g 1kpl

Hot Olive 21cm 70g 1kpl

12,90 €
Saatavuus Varastossa
Tuotenumero 5707549489420

Based upon the legendary TwinTeez, the TwinTeez Pelagic brings a new dimension to pelagic vertical fishing. The big seductive outline and fluttering fins create a realistic silhouette that big predators cannot resist. Tiny movements set the fins moving enticingly, just like a real bait fish. Thanks to the two jointed segments in the lower back and the large V-tail even the smallest twitch creates a mesmerising action. Fish the TwinTeez Pelagic with gentle shakes and twitches. On difficult, highly pressured, venues barely moving the lure can be the secret to catching wary fish. Choose the TwinTeez Pelagic when specimen predators are your target. Rigged and Ready to fish straight out from the package with our ShadTeez ScrewIn Head combined with our custom-made stinger with a treble hook for the most realistic presentation this will be more then enough. For spooky fish we recommend using an additional stinger.

  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Big realistic eyes
  • Super realistic fins
  • Optimised flexibility for improved hook-up ratio
  • ShadTeez ScrewIn Head Rigged and Ready to fish
  • Custom-made stinger with treble hook