Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH
Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH

Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD 301XGLH

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The time has come to start dreaming big. If you are looking for a reel to tackle the wild beasts of the deep, you are looking for power, and lots of it. You need a reel that is built to crank heavy lures and fight big fish confidently. The Calcutta Conquest MD is built for the purpose of chasing and taming giants like big pikes and catfish.

It is a work of technological perfection and beautifully crafted from lightweight aluminum. When you hook that monster, you can rest assured that the Calcutta Conquest MD won’t let you down, even after many years of heavy use.

If you like trolling, you are going to love the exciting drag sound. You don’t have to look at your reel all the time. When it’s game on, you will know. If you are more into casting big and heavy lures, the new Calcutta Conquest MD features SVS MD TUNE braking system with a handy external dial for a quick and precise fine-tuning to the type of lure you are using. In addition, you need a reel that can withstand the heavy load over time.

Endless winding of the largest lures, especially highly resistant versions like oversized deep diving crankbaits and spinner baits are no problem for the Calcutta Conquest MD. The remarkable cranking performance comes from the ultra-rigid HAGANE Body, combined with some of the most advanced gearing Shimano produces, including MicroModule, InfinityDrive and Silent Tune.

You will be astounded by how much torque the Calcutta Conquest MD produces when worked hard. It is a work horse that will help you to pull out that new record you have been looking for. When fighting a big fish, another important part of the reel is the drag. The star drag with carbon cloth washers provides durability when you fight the wildest unpredictable beasts.

  • SHIMANO’s premium round profile reel with unmatched design and performance
  • MicroModule gearing and InfinityDrive for tough, super smooth performance
  • Super fast 7.8:1 retrieve – 101cm of line per handle turn
  • Longer 51mm handle for high torque and immense cranking power
  • SVS MD (MONSTER DRIVE) TUNE braking system combines inside brake adjustment with external dia
  • Exciting Drag Sound system sounds fantastic and is useful when trolling
  • Synchronized level wind prevents ‘bedding in’ of braid on the spool
  • Saltwater-proof
  • Gear ratio: 7.5:1
  • Handle: Left
  • Line Capacity: 0.25-285/0.3-235/0.4-140
  • 101 cm
  • Max Drag: 8kg
  • Reel Size: 301
  • Weight: 360g